A Miracle Cream That Wins The Biggest Deal

Two Korean sisters had recently made a visit on Shark Tank with their wonderful skin care cream. They have been able to win the biggest deal ever on Shark Tank that left everyone surprised. Moreover, their skin care product which mainly targets the aging skin has surprised almost every one present on the show and those who have watched that episode. After gaining huge popularity and market share in Korea, Yoojin Kim and Angela wanted to expand their beauty products company in the global market. They wanted to sell their products in other countries also. For this, they were in search of the right platform to popularize their products and search the investors.  Hence, Shark tank offered them a great platform for promoting their products and impressing the investors to get the huge investments.  Their cream was considered as the miracle cream on shark tank because it showed the miraculous effects on the aging skin.

Visible results within few days

Korean sisters have been able to convince the investors to take interest in their skin product range. They already have taken the survey of thousands of existing users to know the efficiency of the anti aging formula discovered by them. Most of the customers were satisfied with the results of the anti aging cream from the Korean sisters. Many people have claimed that the anti aging products by Korean sisters are effective and show the visible results on the skin within 14 days of using it. This makes the anti aging product a miraculous product because no other product has been able to show such results on the wrinkles and fine lines in such a small duration.

Amount won by the duo

Miracle cream has enabled the Korean Sisters to win the heart of the investors. Thus, investors offered them 25% of the company share for $2.5 million. This is the biggest ever deal on Shark Tank. The main reason why Korean duo has won such a huge price on Shark tank is that their product is completely natural and safe. There are no side effects of the anti aging product.

Outstanding products by Korean duo

The Korean duo launched the miracle skin care products on the global platform under the brand name Amore Skin. This anti aging product line included anti aging skin cream and the eye care serum. Skin cream is responsible for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, patchiness of skin, dark sports, pigmentation marks etc. by boosting the collagen under the skin. It helps in giving the smooth and younger looks. The eye care serum is responsible for treating dark circles, puffiness of skin, fine lines around the eyes and eye bag.

Its real, not a scam

Shark Tank is a leading reality show which is very helpful for the customers who prefer online shopping or are very particular while shopping. Shark Tank is known for its critical reviews about the product which helps the buyers to buy the right product. There are lots of people who buy a new product only after considering its reviews on Shark tank because this show allows promotion of only those products which are reliable and worthy for the customers.

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